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Ideas for site content?

I clearly haven’t done much with this site in a while, but I keep hoping I’ll come up with a way to have students work on it as a project. But I’m curious to know what those who land here are looking for, in case that’s something the site could provide. If you have any […]

Request for lesbian, gay, or bisexual study participants over 60

A site visitor just sent me the following announcement: Are you 60 or older and identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual (or meet your primary intimacy needs with same sex relationships)? If so, then you are invited to participate in a study of sexual minority identity in individuals who are 60 and older. The main […]

Book Review: The Liar’s Club, Mary Karr

Even better than Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina, and that’s sayin’ something! A poignant, fast-moving memoir about Karr’s difficult childhood, which she survived with great humor, energy and grace.

More lesbian books

I haven’t written reviews of these books yet, but they might be of interest to visitors to this site.  The blurbs are from Barnes and Noble’s web site. Drawn from reports written in response to questions about each participants’ earliest perceptions of being gay and coming to terms with sexuality.

Book Review: Art and Lies and The Passion, Jeanette Winterson

I think Winterson is one of the most talented and engaging writers I’ve yet read, and of the five novels of hers I’ve read, these two are my favorite. Perhaps as a sign of how wonderfully rich and engaging her work is, I find myself utterly unable to come up with a summary of either. […]

Book Review: Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady, Florence King

The funniest book I’ve read in a long time, and so wonderfully written. Although King’s southerness ala Virginia is somewhat different from my Georgian version, she captures the essence of this much misunderstood and maligned region of the country with remarkable wit and grace. Her meditations on femininity and the impossibility of the Southern Belle […]

Book Review: Because They Wanted To, stories by Mary Gaitskill

Set in hip, urban environments, most of these stories deal with lesbian issues in some way or another, though most definitely *not* in any stereotypical Lesbian Literature ways. Common themes in her stories include running away from home as a teenager, panhandling, prostitution, and kinky sex. In some ways the content was a total surprise […]

Book Review: Prozac Highway, Persimmon Blackbridge

An over-forty lesbian performance artist who suffers from depression and finds her escape on the internet. I love it! This is one of the best accounts I’ve ever read of net addiction and depression, as well as urban dyke life, though you only hear about that in terms of how the narrator doesn’t participate in […]

Book Review: Silent Words, Joan Drury

I don’t normally read this kind of “lesbian fiction,” but I was given the book as a gift for help on a web site so I picked it up for a little light reading, and really enjoyed it. I actually love these glimpses into lesbian lives that are so different from mine, and there’s something […]

Novel with lesbian/bisexual women as characters

Here’s some info on a new novel that features lesbian/bisexual women as characters, which some of you might be interested in reading: Pennance, by Clare Ashton (link to Amazon page — available in Kindle format only) Lucy is reclusive and paranoid after the death of her partner, Jake, in a car accident. She lives in […]

Lesbian movie project

Hello! My name is Christie Conochalla. Along with my partner-in-crime/co-producer, Bianka Rubio, we have begun the ambitious task of producing a lesbian movie and am looking for lesbian forums to get the word out. The story is of a lesbian artist’s struggle to find a balance between her work and the outside world. The amazing […]

Lesbian romance novel: Standing Naked in Public

Posted by a site visitor: I visited your website and would like to share information about my new book with you. “Standing Naked in Public”, a lesbian romance novel, was released a week ago and is available in paperback and e-book at www.authorhouse.com (cheapest), www.amazon.com, or www.bn.com. Book Description: Kate Ashford is a beautiful photojournalist […]

Discussion Forums

I had some discussion forums on the site for a while but decided to abandon the idea when I realized the amount of work that would be involved. I’m sure there are lots of great places on the web for lesbians to socialize these days, not like in the old days when we had only […]

Survey on female sexual behavior

Received the message below from a visitor to the site.  Maybe you’d like to help with her study? — forwarded text Hello, my name is Martha Lucia Borras, I am a post graduate student at Durham University, United Kingdom. At the moment I am doing my master’s thesis in Female sexual Behavior, for which I […]

Lesbian participants sought for K-12 educators study

Saw this on an academic site and thought it might be of interest to some visitors: Participants sought for a study on the public versus private identities of lesbian educators in K-12American schools. If you identify as a lesbian or queer woman who is an educator in the school system, please visit this site for […]

What brings you here?

What were you looking for when you landed on this site?  What would you like to see here that you haven’t been able to find on other lesbian web sites? Please fill out this anonymous short survey or post a comment on this message.  Thanks!

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