Resources for lesbians and bi women


In the Beginning

Lesbian.org first began in the mid-1990’s and was one of the first major web sites for lesbians.  For many years the site provided a comprehensive list of web links and also hosted discussion lists and web sites for lesbian-oriented non-profits.  The site also sponsored a lesbian literary journal called Sapphic Ink.

You can see an early interview I gave about lesbian.org on NetCafe on this page on Archive.org Also check out earlier versions of lesbian.org in the WayBack Machine.

Flash Forward

Now that the web has grown and changed, the site is undergoing a redesign in the hopes of serving the needs of lesbians who have not yet found their home on the web.  I’m open to input from visitors but also have a few ideas about what the site might do.

I’m thinking of reviving Sapphic Ink and would also like to showcase lesbian authors. I’ve posted some book reviews I wrote several years ago and will continue to add more book and film reviews.

I’d like to create a space for lesbian academics, perhaps specifically those interested in the field of lesbian studies. I may also offer select users the opportunity to have their own columns or blogs on lesbian.org, particularly non-profits or scholars. Contact me for more info.

Feedback Welcome

I welcome your input on what you’d like to see on a site like this.  Feel free to use the Contact link above or post a comment on this message (which you can do without signing up for anything).

Thanks for stopping by!


If you came here in search of my essays on lesbian identity, listed below, you can now find them on this page.

  • Lesbian-Feminism and Queer Theory: Another “Battle of the Sexes”?
  • Lesbian Identity and the Politics of Butch-Femme
  • Annotated Bibliography for Butch-Femme paper